The Stream: Discovery – Coming This Fall!

I have around 40 pages left of my final run-through on Discovery, Vol. I of The Stream series. Then, I get to concentrate on getting the book ready for publication, and getting my websites in order. Also working to get the cover art taken care of.

My main characters are 12 in Discovery, although I expect the book to appeal to teens and adults, perhaps more so than kids. That may end up impacting sales initially, but hopefully word-of-mouth will take care of that. (*Crosses fingers.) If you are a kid, have a kid, or have been a kid, there’s something in Discovery for you. 🙂

Volume 2 and Volume 4 are also complete, but I’m letting them simmer a bit. Why no Volume 3? Well, I needed to know exactly how the series will end before releasing the first book, and I wrote the 1st two volumes back-to-back. Can’t wait to get the full series out there.

However, I secretly want to get all of this behind me, so I can start on the next book, Hard as Roxx, a SciFi story that takes place at the turn of the next century. Expect society to have broken down quite a bit by then. It should present a fun mixture of chaos, pre-industrial and radically post-industrial technology, all mixed together. I’ll be releasing Hard as Roxx as a free web serial on my website. I expect it to be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned.