faded, she had become
in the glaring heat of him
his oppressive, clinging eyes
enshrouding her like wet tropical air
he dripped from her, as sweat would
at once unwelcome, unclean

tattered, she was with
just a hint of her former beauty
like a once-loved dress, now
two sizes too small, and worn
at the edges
and her smiles were taken
and kept in pockets
she no longer remembered

watched her, he would
with the possessive eyes of weaklings
her breasts were bound
by his insecurities
her long tanned legs hidden
by his mistrust
and hair that would dance
secret merengues with Latin hips
now barely brave enough
to leave the comfort of shoulders
where tears would often lie

free, of him she vowed
chose nothing over control, and
shed him from her life
left him in tatters like
the clothes once on her back
and danced secret merengues
to the shore, sitting naked
before god herself, and waited
for the waves, the cooling sea
to cleanse the stench of him

still lovely, she decided
with thighs now fuller
from the years, and
hair still darkened like her past, and
breasts now free of his control
point their way to sunrise
and smiled she did,
once more