Where to Get Your Free E-Reader (Software)

One of the factors limiting the acceptance of e-books, obviously, is the availability of e-book readers. While the Kindle and Nook are gaining wide acceptance, they are not as pervasive as, say, a computer.

Well, now there is a solution. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble have made available free software for your PC or Mac that will allow you to read e-books. I have tested the Kindle for Mac, and can attest it mirrors the real Kindle quite well. In fact, when purchasing an Amazon e-book, you can indicate whether you want it for the Kindle, computer, or both. (Both will require two purchases.)

A listing of where downloadable e-readers can be found is below. You may want to bookmark this page, as I will attempt to keep this as up-to-date as possible. For you Indie publishers, I would suggest sharing these links with potential readers. A good software package may be the only thing between you and a sale.

If you know of others I’ve missed, please add them to the comments section, and I will try to update the post accordingly.