Do You Bend?

Do you bend, but never break?

Is there a shoulder for your crying,
where you cry, but gather strength?
Do your teardrops rise above you,
like a cloud ‘fore summer storms?
When they step upon you, dear one
do you bend like blades of grass –
bending, bend, but never break?

Can you bend, and never break?

As life’s despair engulfs you, rising,
like a wave of poisoned waters,
will you drown, or do you swim?
Will you sink there – to the bottom –
dying, sadly in the depths?
Will you rise, unfettered, wetter,
oh, but wiser for the trip?

Will you bend, but never break?

When God steps in, and you are tested,
will you stand His test, or weep?
Shall you conquer; shall you fall?
Can you bend, but never break?
As you encounter those who’ll drain you,
those who try each bit of faith –
will you know that you are for them?
Or, shall you rage and walk away?

Shall you bend, but never break?

Now all is lost, and nothing’s for you,
are you stronger from your trial?
Will you stand up straighter, taller?
Will you bend, but never break?
Are you strong, as trees are, dear one,
break, not bending in the wind?
Or are you small, like grasses, bending?

Dear one, fear not, bending, bending…
if you bend, you will not break.


  1. Excellent post today. I ready enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and see you around!

    Here is a great poem to check out:

    The Voice Inside Me

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