Don’t Give Up, There Is Still Time to Dance

This was an ordinary day, in an ordinary place. Upon reflection, I decided it was beautiful, and thus, found beauty. It was nothing more than a girl and her mother. The mother wished to relax, her energy ebbing. The daughter wished to flow over her mother, doing so in small movements, until the mother, feeling the inevitability of the tide, succumbed to her daughter.

I choose to see the world dancing in their smiles. I hear the silent music they sing, and, though I do not know the words, the melody is familiar. I dance a bit, with them. They know I watch, and smile, and for an instant, brief, they dance with me as well.

The world will dance, but only if you persist, and remember to ask it nicely.

To Do: “Tomorrow, I shall ask the world to dance.”

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  1. What a beautiful song, and I love the pictures. Yes dance with the world!

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