Things I Learned from the Movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

1. There is definitely a market for tough, bisexual lead female characters with an affinity for tattoos and motorcyles. This is good news for my latest work, “Hard as Roxx.” Mine also has an affinity for sharp objects. And breaking bones.

2. Violence and sex is gratuitous only if it a) doesn’t advance the story, b) is poorly done, or c) is more explicit than it needs to be. There is a visceral gratification that cannot be found anywhere else. Also good news.

3. The author, Stieg Larsson, and I, perhaps shared a few brain cells. That does not mean I think my writing is as good as his. It likely is not. However, there are enough thematic similarities between his book and mine, that I now need to read his series, and make sure folks don’t think I was being “derivative.” My book is quite different, but still …

4. I probably want to crank up my love scene just a notch. James Joyce, yo.

5. I need to finish the release of Books 1 & 2 of The Stream, so that I can release Hard as Roxx by October 2012.

6. SciFi is more my thing than Fantasy, but crime drama might be a thing of mine too. I figured out the villian and the other mystery with 2 hours to go. It did not detract from the story at all, however. That, I would call a success. (To be fair, I figured out the villian from the casting, which is a cheat.)

7. The fact that my books don’t end precisely after the bad guy dies is not weird. In fact, perhaps it is a good thing.

8. I am a writer. With practice, practice, practice, editing, and practice, I could be really good at this. Maybe.

9. I wish Mr. Larsson had lived longer.

10. Apparently, everyone in Sweden smokes.

11. Such stories do not only appeal to the young.

12. Beauty, in its well-defined form, is a myth. It can change with a whisper, and a bit of illusion.