Tonight, I Dare to Dream

I post this every year, and I will, I suppose, until I die, or begin to believe the dream has been fulfilled. I remain hopeful. Indeed, I am encouraged that it will happen in my daughter’s lifetime, if not mine.


January 2006, Williamsburg, Virginia

Tonight, I dream anew.

I dream of a world where children are safe, a world where there are no laws for crimes against children, because such crimes do not exist. I dream of a world without hunger and with no bloating, empty bellies. I dream of a world without childhood sadness, poverty, ignorance, and death. I dare to dream tonight.

I dream of color-blindness, where white is alabaster and black is brown, and brown is brown, and pink is pink. I dream of a world where it does not matter from whence you come, but still, we are greatly interested in the tales you have to tell. I dream where bi-racial is an unknown concept; where there is but one race, and it is called – us. Tonight I dare to dream.

I dream of women, safe, nurtured, loved, nay, adored! I dream they are our center, our joy, our comfort. I dream that men understand their gifts, and adorn them with praise, and love, and blessings gifted from God. I dream the dream of men – strong, and proud, and gentle and good. Tonight, I dream of marriages of love and not convenience, of partnership and not domination, of faithfulness and not wantonness. Tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream of families, of giggles and little angels, of silly smiles and bestest dads. I dream of societies that are about something, and that something is more than nothing. I dream of something that is more than what is owned, but rather what is given. I dream we are all connected, a weave of us, and at that center is God and Love and Joy. Tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream my favorite dreams tonight. I dream of new beginnings and roads without roadblocks. I dream of a world without oppression, repression, depression. I dream of a world with scary campfire myths of serial killers, and genocide, and child murderers. I dream the dream that no one shivers in this night, for such tales could not be true. Tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream the dream that God has whispered. I dream that we know Him only. Tonight I dream we know his name, and all may come and worship by him. I dream a world without religions. Tonight there are no wars that portend to be holy. There are no jihads, no crusades, no decimation in the name of the Lord. Tonight, I dream that Love has already won its war. Tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream of a world of equity. Ah, how bold to dream of such! I dream a world without borders, for none are needed. A world where we are judged not by what we have done, but by what we can do. A world where there are no refugees, but all may take refuge in the kindness of another. A world where men are brothers, and women are sisters, and children are cherished. I dream of love, my children. And tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream a world where nations do not suffer the oppressing hand of AIDS. I dream where no man nor woman nor child would DREAM to allow there be a country where 2 in 5 adults have a fatal disease. I dream of a world where finding the measurement of a gnat’s eyelash on Mars is less important than people dying in Malaria-ridden sunsets. I dream a world where common sense is not uncommon, and medicine is a right and not a business. Tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream that we Rise Up, and Call His Name, and We Are Answered because We Deserve to be answered. Yes, tonight, I dare to dream.

I dream where you may notice the shade of my daughter’s eyes, or the color of her hair, or the tenor of her voice, but you will not count the melanin in her skin. I dream that men of color, such as I, can walk into a room and the attendees are not shocked because that man is the most talented, or the most educated or the most loving. I dare to dream this night.

I dream that You and I are One. I dream there is no Babylon to chant down, but we chant it down, chant it down, chant it down, anyway. Tonight’s my night to dream, and I dare to dream tonight.

Tonight, I dream that being a good, simple, person is valued and encouraged and rewarded. Tonight, I dream that my dream becomes your dream, and that together, we dare not dream another dream.

I have a dream that one day we will remember, we will sing the glad songs, and when that Chariot Swings Low, we will be singing of joy and not of pain.

God help me, tonight I dare to dream.



  1. Yeong WL says:

    Love that photo with you against the sunset (or sunrise) – any objection to using it to illustrate in my Facebook photos on the theme “Peaceful”

  2. That is one of the rare stock photos I use on my blog. The original is available here: As far as I can tell, there are no licensing restrictions. Thanks for asking, however. 🙂

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