The Books thus Far

Well, Discovery is out for the Kindle, and has been for a number of months. I figure it’s time for an update on all my books to date.

The Stream Series (Urban Fantasy Adventure)

Discovery – The ebook is available, and is free for Amazon Prime customers. For everyone else, it’s a measly $2.99. I am actually working on final edits, trimming some fat, and adding a couple of action scenes as a bonus. Once done, I will release the 2nd Edition of Discovery for Kindle, Nook, and in paperback form. Currently planned for 29 February 2012

Awakening – I am releasing it to Beta readers in January, in anticipation of an end-of-March 2012 release in ebook and paperback form. In this book, Charlie and Robin fight against the dark lord’s growing influence over the Stream, ending in the inevitable battle of good and evil.

Emprise – The 2nd draft is complete, and I will be sending it out to an editor after Awakening is released. Anticipate an early 2013 release. In the final of the three books, the 16-year-old Charlie and Robin discover the dream world has breeched the boundaries that separate it from the real world. Now, they must find the source of the leak, and close it, before all of creation falls to chaos. Action-packed, with the kids traveling beyond Earth while in the Stream, and simultaneously battling creatures in their Virginia home.

Roxx Hard Series (Science Fiction Adventure)

Hard as Roxx – The first draft of Book 1 is complete, and boy is it fun! I’ve decided I like the main characters, Roxanne “Roxx” Grail and Trint Sandahl even more than Charlie and Robin. This is an adult series that takes place in 22nd-century Earth, after a series of events that comprise a slow Holocaust. There is much advanced technology, mixed in with scenes of abject poverty. Roxx is hard-as-nails, except with her family. Think of Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name, except prettier, and quite feminine. I hope to publish the book by October 31, 2012.

I hope you check them out.


  1. Cool. Great progress on your books. Hard as Roxx sounds pretty interesting.

  2. Thank you, I’m trying.

  3. Now that I finally have an kindle I can get your book! Great job keeping up with everything.

  4. Thanks, Alica, I appreciate it.

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