Review of “Big Leagues” by Jen Estes

Big LeaguesBig Leagues by Jen Estes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Estes’ first novel is a hit! Cat McDaniel, the main character of the novel, isn’t your typical superhuman sleuth. In fact, she’s refreshingly normal. As a new reporter, just called up to the big leagues, Cat finds herself enamored by the fancy new office, the dream job, and the charming, rich boss. But as time progresses, she begins to discover that things are not as dreamlike as she’d hoped.

Ms. Estes has created an extremely likeable character that will appeal to baseball fans, or just to readers looking for a female lead they can relate to. The book in anchored in reality, with vivid enough description that it can easily be played out in one’s mind. I found myself wondering who will play Cat in the first movie. A delightful read, even for a notorious book non-finisher, like me.

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