Little Sister danced along
to where she should not go –
dared to dream forbidden dreams
her brothers didn’t know.

She takes her roses without thorns,
Wants dogs that have no teeth.
Rides bucking broncs that do not bound,
but settle underneath.

She sways boys with up-tempo songs
to punky Latin beats –
and skirts on rounded, flirty hips, and
brand new canvas sneaks.

With high-heel vibe and wisps of smoke
she keeps her heat in tow.
Flairs runway walks on Jersey streets
in case you didn’t know.

Hermanita says to hush –
stills voices through the night.
Dreams hero dreams of baby things
and shotgun-bearing knights.

She hugs her little belly tight. She
sings it secret songs,
and when the morning light’s in sight
she knows where she belongs.