Coming Attractions

So, clearly I am hooked on this writing gig. It is not the bucketloads of money that I’m pulling in from the first book, and it’s certainly not the fame. Perhaps it would be if either of those things were happening. However, since neither is, to date, the only joy of writing is in having written.

Writing is probably somewhat akin to giving birth. No one does it because they enjoy labor pains. They endure the labor pains in order to have the baby at the end. While writing is not as physically taxing as giving birth, it is pretty close to being as emotionally draining. And like childbirth, the work doesn’t end with the creation.

In fact, I for one, am never quite certain it is done, until I get to that point where I no longer believe I can make it better. (Hear that, George Lucas?) At some point, you can only make it … different.

The first book of The Stream, Discovery, has reached that point. I used the 1st, limited, release to gain feedback on the book, my writing style, voice, pacing, etc. Having done so, I updated the book, and re-released it. I even got to celebrate it with a newer, very cool and more mature cover. As I thought, the book appeals more to adults than kids. (It is not really YA fiction. Think Stephen King’s Firestarter – it just happens that the main character is a kid)

In any case, with Discovery out there it was time to focus on the other outstanding projects. Awakening, Book 2 of The Stream, is out there with a group of readers. It is on track for a spring 2012 release. I also have the cover art (courtesy Steven Novak of for “Emprise” (Book 3), but I’ll save that for later. I’m really excited about it.

This got me to thinking about what comes next. (Immediately comes reading. I have 3 books on my “must read” list, plus at least a half-dozen more from fellow author friends I want to read.) But beyond that, my stupid brain is still trying to spit out more books.

If only I did not have that full-time gig to go to. (Just kidding, God. I have a great job.)

Still, I came up with the beginnings of another book last night, and today, on my walk, my mind starting telling me “Hard as Roxx,” my post-apocalyptic Sci Fi adventure, is at least a trilogy. Rather than tell my brain to shut the hell up and mind its own business, I decided to write them here, lest I forget. (I would, you  know.)

So here is my list of (coming at some point) attractions:

The Stream (Fantasy Adventure)

  • Book 1 – Discovery – Softcover coming soon – I’m at the proof stage now.
  • Book 2 – Awakening – Spring-Summer 2012
  • Book 3 – Emprise – Winter 2012-2013

Roxx Series (Post-apocalyptic Sci Fi)

  • Book 1 – Hard as Roxx – Autumn 2012
  • Book 2 – Hot like Jazz – 2013
  • Book 3 – Outlaw Blues – TBD

Dark – TBD, so far, all I have is the main character and the mood of the book. She’s going to kick ass, however. This feels like a Sci Fi mystery.

Dances of the Shadow Man (Poetry) – TBD. I have enough finished for a book, but I’m yet to be dedicated to doing anything with it. If I do, there will be a lot of autobiographical work in it, simply because that’s the stuff people seem to respond to.

Someone (Melody Gardot) once said, good writers write, but great writers write what they know. I sure hope I know some stuff.


  1. I’m in awe that you have a plan. I have vague ideas and no actual plan. I might need to work on that.

  2. I’m a planner by nature and profession, so it comes naturally to me. It would drive others nuts, I imagine.

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