SIx yEars On

i washed myself of you
was surprised to see the ring you formed on the tub
it left me feeling unclean
and unwashed
to be perfectly honest


i exhaled, finally
you’d be proud of me, if you were around to know
but then, i suppose i wouldn’t
if you were
my friends, those loving few
were worried
as the bubbles from beneath the water
in my filthy tub
had long since stopped
i guess they all thought i’d drowned


but you know i drowned long ago
swept in your current
your blue waterfall and i never …
didn’t stand a chance, did i?

so here i sit, drenched, cold-

and the ring is still there
staining me
i suppose always will it be there
but at least i’ve risen from beneath
the waves
and exhaled


one day, some bittersweet morn
i do so hope to



  1. Stunning imagery – haunting.

    1. Thank you very much! I’ve started to miss writing poetry. I want my next book to be lyrical, so I’m trying to get back in practice.

      1. You ahve great rythm – should be short practice…

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