Meet Charlie & Robin – from The Stream

I feel like I’ve never properly introduced my characters – so here are the two stars of The Stream trilogy.

Charles Robert Spencer Patterson – “Charlie”
Date of Birth: 14 October 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Age: Discovery (12), Awakening (13), Emprise (16)
Place of Birth: Newport News, Virginia, USA
Ethnicity: Biracial – “Tan American,” according to Charlie.
Distinguishing Features: Curly brown hair that covers his forehead, brown eyes, caramel-colored skin, deep dimples
Favorite Colors: Red, then red, and after that red. Then black. But mostly red.
Favorite Things: Red high-top Chuck Taylors, video games, dragon slaying
Dislikes: Killer clowns, vampire bunnies, Dark Lords of the dream realm, public speaking, and … blondes (It’s a long story … I’ll tell you later.)
Myers-Briggs Personality Profile: ENTJ (Outgoing, intuitive, forward-thinking, rational, organized). His thinking (T) side is at constant war with his emotional (F) side.

Charlie is atypical for someone his age, concerned with his elderly great-grandfather’s well being, and the insidious, creeping senility that seems to be overtaking him. He is very shy, and has no idea he is outgoing, or naturally charismatic. All he knows is that the old folks at the Senior Center like him. Small children, trapped in their nightmares, are equally drawn to Charlie.

He is a frequent daydreamer. Often torn between his emotional (“Charlene”) and logical (“Chuck”) sides. Secretly suspects Charlene might be gay, though Charlie is not. Dresses casually, usually in jeans, with red high-top Chuck Taylor sneakers. Charlie is an old soul, in an adolescent’s body. People talking to him sometimes forget he’s just a kid.

Deepest Secret: Thinks Robin is the first Really Cute Girl he ever met; has a photo of Albert Einstein under his mattress
Oddities & Special Talents:

  • Capable of walking within others’ dreams, effortlessly
  • Shape-shifter extraordinaire
  • Always sees things as they really are
  • Fearless, when fearlessness matters
  • Hates clowns. I mean … Really. Hates. Clowns.
  • Defeated his first dragon by age 12
  • When in doubt, always defaults to the truth
  • Taught himself to read, because he got bored one Tuesday
  • Slow to anger, but quick to make you regret making him mad

Robin Mercedes LeBeaux – aka, “little bird, or Mercedes”
Date of Birth: 6 February 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Age: Discovery (13), Awakening (14), Emprise (17)
Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Ethnicity: Mexindirishfrenchican (insists Charlie is Caucafrican)
Distinguishing Features: She is lovely: tall, with lightly tanned skin, huge eyes, lined with dark eyeliner, and dark brown hair that falls in loose curls around her face. Her eyes change color with her mood – hazel by default. Loves her braces, because they make her look like her sister, Reyna.
Favorite Colors: Turquoise, white, and black
Favorite Things: Flip flops, clothes, painting, writing, and guardian angels
Dislikes: Mean people, ignorance, evil, socks
Myers-Briggs Personality Profile: ENFP (Outgoing, intuitive, forward-thinking, emotional, impulsive).

Robin recently moved to Tidewater, Virginia, where Charlie lives. She is 1/4 Mexican, 1/4 Native American, and 1/2 French-Irish. She is all girl, which, Charlie is shocked to discover, is a good thing. She is artsy and stylish, often wearing clothes that are black, white, and turquoise. Robin hates shoes, and wears either flip flops or black combat boots. Whereas Charlie is logical and shy, Robin is emotional, outgoing, and a goofball.

Deepest Secrets: She has many: She is much, much smarter than people think she is. She has dreams about the future – strange, confusing dreams. She thinks Charlie’s dimples flirt with her, and his eyes give her compliments. She secretly likes that.

Oddities & Special Talents:

  • Rarely to be found without Emergency flip flops
  • Masters the Stream’s intricacies almost intuitively
  • Fearless, creative, imaginative – she doesn’t really have a secret fear, because her worst-possible fear already came true
  • Very gentle – unless you are not. Then, it’s on.
  • Thinks logic is highly overrated; her logic makes Charlie’s head hurt
  • Thinks quantum mechanics is “Duh. Obvious.”
  • Sees things as they should be – doesn’t trouble herself too much with what is. “Reality is for people with no imagination.”

Visit with Charlie and Robin on their Tumblr blog or on Twitter (@charlieandrobin).

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