I’ve always thought that writers should be well-rounded. No, I don’t mean overweight, although I sure a lust for food helps. Either one loves sensual pleasures, or one overeats due to some internal strife, which also lends itself to artful writing. That is probably why so many writers were alcoholics too … but I digress.

I was thinking about the many careers I have had, despite having the security of working at the same firm for decades. So far, few of the corporate jobs have come out in my writing, but perhaps in time. Oddly, my writing has led me to want to retire, as now there are plenty of careers I’d like to tackle before I die.

This is my career repertoire, so to speak.

P.S. No head hunting, please. I ain’t interested. I plan to retire from the company for which I currently work.

Corporate Careers Held

  • Seafood Shucker
  • Teaching / Substitute Teaching / Tutoring
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Accounting / Financial Analysis & Planning
  • Business  & Marketing Planning
  • Product Management
  • Engineering Cost Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis / CMMI Metrics Lead
  • Program Management
  • Capture Management
  • Proposal Writing / Technical Writing / Editing
  • Subcontract Program Management
  • Business Development – Competitive Intelligence

Self-Employment or Voluntary Positions Held

  • Photographer
  • Life Coach / Counselor / Mentor
  • Poet/ Novelist / Publisher

Desired Careers

  • Lingerie Model Judge
  • Cartoonist
  • Song Writer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Masseur (female clients only)
  • Retiree
  • Field Guide
  • Movie Critic
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • Mack Daddy
  • Old-ass Boy Toy
  • Astrophysicist
  • Psychologist
  • Slacker


  1. Before anyone leaves angry comments about the weight reference, it was tounge in cheek. Besides, I should know – I peaked at 253 pounds, before health problems forced me to drop 35 pounds or so.

  2. ceciliag says:

    you certainly have done a lot of stuff< i wonder which of these jobs you draw on the most for characters! being a stick thin shape I have always liked well rounded people. c

    1. Cecilia, if that’s a nice way to call me old, I agree. 🙂 I think of all the jobs, I pull from counselor the most. I develop actual psychological and behavioral profiles for all my main characters.

      I’m sure thin looks lovely on you. 🙂

  3. You are naughty 🙂 Mack Daddy sounds like a fine job 🙂

    I struggle at times with having such a strong analytical side and a strong emotive side – I see metaphors all around me – but then I try to chart them 🙂

    Excellent post.

    1. Thank you. (I’m still working on the mack daddy gig.)

  4. I love your list of desired careers! I’ll be happy to join you in judging – I’ll take the men 🙂

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