Which Way Gold?

So, I am going through Hard as Roxx once again, this time reading as a reader and not an editor. I’m finding minor mistakes with flow, wording, etc., but nothing major. My real problem is indecision. I haven’t decided what to pursue in terms of publication. Roxx should have a wider audience than The Stream series, as it is targeted to adults. Still, I’m not certain I want to pursue self-publishing, nor am I convinced that traditional publishing is better.

So I’m pretty much reading it again while fence sitting. My main goal for publication of the book is to find my adult audience. I plan to veer slightly with the next book into action/suspense, but may throw in a bit of sci fi there too. Thus Roxx, which is pure (dystopian) science fiction. Think Thelma and Louise meet Clint Eastwood in the 22nd century. Except the role of the Man with No Name will be played by one Roxanne Grail.

Anyway, since the next step either way would be to overpay hire a butcher editor, I guess I need to figure out how to find one I won’t want to kill argue with afterward. I think that’s a tough step, finding an editor you are in harmony with. I don’t want someone who doesn’t like my writing style, because I do. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep stalling reading. Maybe inspiration will hit me.

Where’s a tree of knowledge when you need one?


  1. I am floored by the photo Bill – how on earth did you do that?

    1. I accentuated its beauty the same way magazines make wrinkly actresses look flawless. 🙂

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