Homosexual Miscegenation

“The legislature shall never pass any law to authorise or legalise any marriage between any white person and a Negro or descendant of a Negro.” – Alabama State Constitution, Section 102, as of 2000.

For centuries it was widely held that marriage between persons of different race was an abomination, against God’s law, and punishable by fine, imprisonment, or chastisement by the Church. Many of the rationales used to justify these laws are the same ones being used to justify banning homosexual marriage.

This brings to mind Loving v. Virginia, the 1967 decision that finally ended anti-miscegenation laws in the United States. The Supreme Court wrote:

“Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival…. To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the sexual racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious sexual identity racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of the same sex another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State.”

Perhaps you are not ashamed by our lack of progress, by repeating the same injustices we fought so hard to end, but I am. I am indeed.

I suppose I should be grateful that I was only black, and in love, and not gay.

Free love. Finally.


  1. rich says:

    it’s a shame we even have to talk about this – but we do.

  2. Dienna says:

    I constantly say this, but I feel that society has regressed. A lot of people are still living under these antiquated views, and even some of the younger generations are carrying the torch. It’s so frustrating.

  3. That’s true. It used to be that young people led the way to progressive thinking. I wonder if that is still true. It’s sad that some things that should go without saying, never do.

  4. amysomday says:

    I have cried so very many tears… my eldest son is gay. My tears have not been cried because of his sexual preference but because of the hatred people have toward him. He and his partner have been together for about 8 years, they have struggled and fought and have a strong relationship. I am amazed at these two young men. They were raised in strong anti-gay communities, have struggled with what was taught to them and expected of them and now live in a city where homosexuality is frowned upon and in the wrong area can get you hurt. Despite all of this they are two of the most unselfish and amazing men I have ever had the joy to know.
    When I have heard people “gay bashing” I have allowed them to insert their foot deep in their mouth before I speak. When I am given the chance at my opinion I make it known… that I am truly ashamed to have been in the company of someone who speaks with such ignorance, I tell the story of my son, smile and leave.
    No parent wants their child to be abused, verbally, emotionally…any way. And no parent wants their child to feel hatred from another. My heart aches when I read the stupidity and hear the snide comments. But I do not feel ill will or hatred in return. Just pity and shame for the ignorant.
    I have been asked, being a Christian, how I feel about Leviticus 18:22… to which I smiled and asked back… how do you feel about Leviticus 19:28 or 1 Timothy 2:9, never to have the subject approached again by that man…who has full sleeve tattoos and adorns his wife with much jewelry.

    Okay, I am tucking my soapbox back under my desk.

    1. I like your soapbox. People are ignorant, because they are allowed to be. I hope the tide is turning; where ignorance is no longer met with smiles and nodding affirmations. I particularly love when people cite Leviticus. I have a pretty detailed list of what “cannot be done” per that outdated list of “laws.” One thing I point out is that while, according to this document, you are not allowed to have sex with a man, you are allowed to own him.

      While God’s word may be perfect, our understanding of it is clouded by hatred, ignorance, and the lies of the corrupt portending to represent Him. Leviticus 18 is such a doctrine, in my opinion. Maybe I’ll repost my analysis. It’s below, but doesn’t really fit this blog.

      I keep reading quotations about Leviticus, and specifically, what it allows, and disallows. So, I re-read the Book, and have tried to carefully compile the rules, lest we all get confused.

      Forbidden Sex
      • Father – son
      • Father – daughter
      • Mother – son
      • Mother – daughter
      • Step-mother – son
      • Step-mother – daughter
      • Sister – brother
      • Sister – sister
      • Half-sister – half-brother
      • Half-sister – half-sister
      • Father – daughter
      • Grandfather – granddaughter
      • Grandmother – granddaughter
      • Aunt (birth or marriage) – nephew
      • Aunt (birth or marriage) – niece
      • Uncle – nephew
      • Uncle – niece
      • Father-in-law – daughter-in-law
      • Mother-in-law – daughter-in-law
      • Sister-in-law – brother-in-law
      • Sister-in-law – sister-in-law
      • Any mother & her daughter – and a man
      • Any mother & her daughter – and a woman
      • Any woman & her granddaughter – and a man
      • Any woman & her granddaughter – and a woman
      • Any woman & her sister (until one is dead) – and a man
      • Any woman & her sister (until one is dead) – and a man
      • Any woman on her period – and anyone
      • Any relative’s wife – and a man
      • Any relative’s wife – and a woman
      • Any man – and a man
      • Any human – and an animal

      Permitted Sex
      • Grandmother – grandson
      • Mother-in-law – son-in-law
      • Male cousin – Female cousin
      • Female cousin – Female cousin
      • Any mother & her son (separately)– and a woman
      • Any woman & her grandson (separately) – and a woman
      • Any relative’s husband – and a woman
      • Any woman – and a woman (unless covered by the above rules)
      • Any human – and an android, robot, artificial human, or Battery-Operated Boyfriend

      Other Permitted Activities
      • Slavery (If you are a man, you cannot have sex with a man. You can, however, buy or sell him. Perhaps he would nice a nice gift for your wife. That would free you up to have sex with that hot female cousin you’ve always had your eye on.)

      Reading and believing in the Bible is not a valid excuse for refusing to think. Leviticus was supposedly dictated to Moshe (Moses) between 3,411 and 3,451 years ago. Perhaps, friends, it is time for an update.

      Here’s one idea: don’t have sex with your family (by birth or marriage), children, animals, or other human beings in a depraved relationship, or without their consent.

      There, wasn’t that easy?

      For the record, in case anyone is curious, I am devoutly Christian. I’m just not a self-righteous, hate-mongering asshole.

  5. It is our humanity, the innate love of fellow human beings that should be our moral compass. Not some confusing, made up laws, like those the leaders of religious institutions would have us believe. These institutions, and their emissaries would have us believe that only certain human beings are valid and worthwhile, while they themselves are unable to uphold many of their own laws – openly and secretly subjugating their flocks, abusing others, misusing their power, advocating racism, sexism and generally wreaking havoc in the hearts and minds of loyal followers. We are born knowing how to love and taught how not to. Perhaps the only way change will actually come, is if we start looking for more worthy teachers?

    1. Very true. In my decades of life, I’ve learned one easy lesson in deciding who will lead me along my path, in a righteous, directed way: those who have wisdom, but do not know it, and those who can teach, but never answer a question unless asked. Authorities, including religious authorities, seem to be more concerned with controlling others’ behavior than they are about knowing what is right.

  6. Bill such a wonderful post. My mom always said, “People loving people doesn’t scare me, its people hating people that scares me. ” I feel so blessed to having been raised by parents who taught me how special love is and how to respect other peoples opinions and lifestyles- even if they are not my choice. I hate they we, as a Nation, are still so backwards, fearful, and cruel. I look forward to the day this is a shameful stop in our history and everyone how wants to marry can.

    1. Thank you, and amen. It’s ironic, that my biological father, who seemed incapable of love, could marry three times, and my gay uncle, who is eminently capable of love, cannot.

      1. It is so sad. And really since when has marriage been such a wonderful institution? I mean it can be wonderful but that depends on the people and their commitment to each other not the ‘institution of marriage’ itself

  7. Elliot says:

    I have a cousin who met her partner in the US. They had to go back to the UK to get married.

    Shameful really, I fail to see how it affects anybody unless you are an utter moron. It scares me that Romney comes out against it. Yes I would like to run for president and start with denying some basic human rights. That will set a good example to the rest of the world. What’s that, the rest of the world is viewing us with some suspicion? A further example of why the US is slowly falling behind the rest of the world in many ways, and I say that with a sadness having moved here, and having my son born here.

    1. Yes, we used to pride ourselves on being a melting pot. Now, we’re just pot luck. This is the type of change I expected after the last election. Instead, we got intensified hatred. Maybe that’s a good sign – the last vestiges of stupidity.

      1. Elliot says:

        Hopefully Obama will get back in. I do think he has made some positive changes, they are just slow moving, and the results aren’t all obvious yet. With four more years I think by the end of it, people will have seen some positive change from eight years earlier.

  8. Great post Bill, it’s given me lots to think about. Here in SA, we have one of the most liberal constitutions in the world. Upholding human rights is a big deal here (although in reality sometimes difficult to uphold – for reasons I shan’t go into ) At last, since 2006, gay people may marry in SA.
    Here’s where I have to stretch : Due to old tribal customs and traditions, polygamy, in certain South African cultures, is also permitted (for men – not women) Our president (Jacob Zuma) has four or five wives himself. I’m a feminist, so the idea of a man having more than one wife rubs me up the wrong way and kind of creeps me out but freedom is freedom – If it means two men who love each other or two women who love each other, may marry, then five woman who love one man may marry too. Freedom can be a strange and scary country and forces all of us to be more accepting, even those of us who think we already are.
    For those who care to read them, I’ve attached an interesting, satirical article on the topic of polygamy ..
    I’ve also attched a link to an article about the legalising of gay marrige in SA . http://www.southafrica.info/services/rights/same-sex-marriage.htm

    1. You make excellent points; it can certainly be a slippery slope, and we have to be both thoughtful and vigilant in checking our own attitudes. I am wary of polygamy, especially in a context wherein it’s good for the gander but not the goose. I don’t think, for instance, one should be allowed multiple tax deductions for the extra wives and offspring.But perhaps in 50 years, my attitude will be considered regressive and discriminatory.

  9. ceciliag says:

    A powerful piece and equally as powerful are your comments and your comments to the comments. It is a brave box you have opened. Good! After having lived in many different countries, I am shocked by how American women seem the least emancipated of the so called western world. And many mid west american men live in the 50’s.. and not the good 50’s either. There is still an obvious battle going on. I am stunned that there is even a discussion about what is so obviously a prejudice. And i have noted that it is the lesbian women who are shouting the loudest. So once again it is the women who feel they are not being listened to.

    I have never even considered that I would not be given equal rights. It never occurred to me that i could not do whatever I wanted to do. I have always thought of myself as a single entity. A person. l am addressed here as Mrs John Gunther! Archaic. My name is not John. I am a white woman,(actually more pink and freckly at this time of year) , my eldest son is very dark skinned with big laughing black eyes, about a foot taller than me and he and I have never even considered that this may be unusual. It never occurred to me that we might be prejudiced against and I have never noticed it. Until we wander about the streets of the US!

    Why is this. Is it ALL politics? Is this country fighting the civil war again and again? I am still puzzling all this, so jump in anytime!

    i would sit down and talk about this but most people won’t talk about it. They are either one side or the other so they just shout! They cannot talk or even think about it. Incredibly dull because the result is silence.

    Phew, I am ready for my morning coffee now. Hope you don’t mind me going on!

    Morning Bill.


    1. Hi C – Lord no! Going on is what this space is for. I hate where I live, with one exception: we have a more cosmopolitan view about things. When I was married to my much younger, blue-eyed wife, the only looks I got were because, frankly, she’s too pretty for me. No one seemed to notice we had differing melanin counts.

      We fight the civil war, mainly because the groups that held onto the most prejudice wrapped themselves in a blanket of religious fervor (much like the Islamicists). In my current novel, I refer to them as Christianicists. I think that the real mistake we Americans made was in the late 80’s / early 90’s when we allowed conservatives to usurp religion. This country has always prided itself on being a nation of religious people. When liberals stepped aside and allowed Christian and Conservative to become synonymous, we set the stage for any further social progress to be stepped on the name of God.

      I hope to be one voice that stands up and cries foul. In my latest book, which maybe never sees the light of day, one of the two lead characters is a lesbian. I didn’t set out to write a book about lesbians, she simply evolved naturally in the course of the story. What disturbs me is that I now have to deal with people’s reaction (pro and con) to Trint’s homosexuality. The simple truth is told in her own words: “I adore men. I just don’t have sex with them.”

      I still don’t get why that’s not a good enough explanation for anyone. Or even why it needs to be explained. Love is.

      1. ceciliag says:

        Absolutely, it should not need to be explained or excused or any of that. love IS! This is why i am endlessly confused by it all. All the visciousness. (sp) What are they going on about. It just is! people are people are people..yikes, i had better get outside and get busy before i go off again.. have a good solid writing day Bill.. c

  10. hey bill, have you seen the movie ‘District 9?’ I think it may be up your alley

    1. I have seen it, thanks. And you’re right – I loved it. Gotta love political statements veiled as SciFi.

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