i once believed in friendship
it was easy in school days
or ambitious years of work —
i would encounter people
scraping through life
they would cling
to my dimpled smiles
like pollen on a woolen shirt

i’d take some home
play with them and
we would swear life-long fealty

so naïve we were

then came marriage and
the hard years of work
balancing what we expected
with disappointments we got
we’d still scrape through
though fewer people would cling
as we passed

before long we stopped missing them

forever became fornow or
foraseason or
forfeited when we had
that first terrible argument

forever, it turns out
only lasts as long as is convenient
and is much further away
than the remote

friendships are terribly inconvenient

i once believed in friendship
back in those youthful days
when love was more than
stores of convenience,
dopamine, and endorphins
when we though life-long
would outlast the oxytocin
it rarely does unless
you’re a silly goose
who still believes in romance
i, sadly, got romance all over
my favorite shirt,
mixed with all the pollen

it shrank when i tried to wash it

in the real world
there is no time for friendship
we all have stuff to do
and love is just
a four-letter word

i once loved
in my diapers


  1. Stunning – I especially like the word play with “forever became fornow or foraseason or forfeited”

    1. Thank you; I was in a mood, and after editing for a month, I suppose I felt like writing something without editing it.

      I tend to shy away from poetry, mainly because I don’t like my poetry much. That makes it hard to judge what’s good and what’s not.

      1. I feel the same way – but your poetry always slams me up against a wall.

  2. Ha! My poetry is a total thug. 🙂 It must be from learning to like poetry by reading urban street poetry when I was a kill. Don L. Lee would be proud (were he no longer an educator named Haki. Who calls themselves Haki? It sounds like someone with a phlegm problem.)

    What I enjoy most about writing poetry (and hate the most) is the discovery. I’ve learned I can rarely tell what people will respond to. But that’s why I go ahead and share it. I know that if I only share what I think is good, I will be keeping those few that others like.

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