Inter(galatic)national Short Story Month

The Juice

Some of you may remember I previously declared June to be International Short Story Month. Well, it’s a few days late, but I’ve finally finished my edits of Emprise, book 3 of The Stream. I managed to cut a couple of thousand words, and tightened things up a bit, so I’m happy.

Which means, of course, that tomorrow I go back to creating, after two solid months of editing. I like editing. It’s a productive stalling tactic, for when I’m not ready to do the hard stuff. Which is create worlds, characters, and stories out of whole cloth. The joy of writing, as opposed to any of my other careers, is that the hard part is precisely the bit of work that makes it fun.

I have a short list of short story ideas, none of which is making me leap for joy. So, since I’m facing this with some trepidation, I thought the logical thing to do was a stretching exercise. As a rule, I hate vampire stories. No, not as a rule, as an absolute. Which means my first short story needs to be precisely that. I will be starting my own vampire spin, called “The Juice.” Expect me not to follow the rules.

Rules are for suckers.

If I can get into the swing of this, I intend this to be a short story collection (which I’ll probably offer for free). The photo at the top is mine, and the cover art for the collection, so far titled “The Juice.” I have one story done, which I wrote earlier this year. We’ll see how June goes.

If anyone wants to join in on the work fun, let me know. Perhaps we can blow it off and get a beer together encourage each other.


  1. At this point I am way to wordy for a short story I just feel like I can’t get the emotion out of a short story, I don;t know why maybe I just don;t get passionate about an idea that I could write in less then 50,000 words LOL! I do admire people who can write good short stories, maybe someday I’ll develop the ability.

    1. They aren’t for everyone. I think novel writing and short story writing are different skill sets. I tried my hand at novels last, and pretty late in life. I’m probably more the short story type (although I could easily pound out a 600-page book).

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