Books on the Art of Writing #3

In honor of Intergalactic Short Story Writing Month, here is a great little blog post that reviews a nice little resource. Check it out. I’m off to find the book.


What the book offers

Exactly what it says on the tin…I mean, cover. This is one of the most easiest books I’ve read on writing, and it’s so quick to coming on the point, without all the fancy details on the side. It covers every aspect from major ones such as conflict and character, but also more subtle one such as setting and narrative voice (which is a brilliant, brilliant chapter). It will help to make your writing more developed and fulfilling, and with exercises at the end of every chapter, you know what to do, with the aid of some very helpful tipsheets.

After the end of all the talk about writing, there is also a very helpful chapter on what to do once you’ve finished your story and are ready for publishing, including how to format your manuscript.

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  1. ceciliag says:

    Let me know if you find that book, I want to read it after you! When my sister and I were kids we would often read the same book at the same time.. she was slow, i was fast.. so in the end we agreed that I would read the first half then I would TEAR THE BOOK IN HALF and give her what i had read and take the second half off with me to finish.. I wonder sometimes about this .. but when we were both done we would tape it back together and shelve it back in a dark corner of my fathers his credit he never once asked us about the mutilated books in there..
    Last year two of my sons and I were on a train and one of them had finished his book , and there was still two hours to go of our journey. Horrors. Without even thinking I ripped my own book in half and handed the first half over. Senior son who was deep in his science fictionbook barely raised an eyebrow. Eldest son, reached out his long hands and greedily snatched the new pages.. A whole train carriage of people drew in a sharp breath at the scandal of ripping up a book!! We just went back to our reading.. I guess you have to be careful what habits you pass on to your children.. morning Bill.. c

    1. Celi, if I find the book in ebook form, maybe I can cut and paste the 1st half when I’ve finished it and send it to you. Good morning.

      1. ceciliag says:

        Modern book sharing!! c

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