I’ve Got Sunshine …

I was recently given a Sunshine blog award, which is funny, if you know me. I’m about as sunny as a porcupine at midnight. Still, I do appreciate it. And, as the award dictates, here are random answers to 10 meaningless questions. I considered posting only the answers, but decided not to.

Favorite colors:  Red, then red, and after that, crimson. Then black. And puce. Because I like saying puce.

Favorite animal: Blue footed booby. I love boobies.

Favorite number: pi

Favorite Non-alcoholic beverage: Water; tea, Earl Grey, hot.

Facebook or Twitter? No. In person.

My Passion:  Love, writing, photography, passion (I’m very meta)

Prefer giving or receiving gifts: Giving.

Favorite pattern: Co-dependence.

Favorite Day of the Week: Offday

Favorite Flower: I’m a straight male. I don’t have a favorite flower.

Nominate 10. I’m going to pass on this one, as it’s late, and I’m lazy. However, you can tell my favorite blogs, because we actually interact. That’s why they’re my favorites.


  1. What have I learned about Bill from this post? Hmm…

    1. Probably nothing of value.

  2. codependence…as pattern…and flower bit….lmho! 🙂 congrats on your award.

    1. Thanks. I tend to think about different patterns than others.

  3. Katie says:

    Well done sir, well done.

  4. wildninja says:

    That’s funny. Hey, I just created a cheesy graphic for those who don’t want to put hinky blog “awards” on their blog… the “No Blog Awards Blog” badge… These weird generic ones that require answers to questions are suspicious. Great answers!

    1. Yeah, I’m becoming amazed at how many there are. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. The last one made coffee come out of my nose – you can be manly and like flowers. In fact Daffodils mean chivalry…

    1. Oooh, you’re a secret coffee pot – just percolating with laughter. I actually got sent roses once. That was pretty cool.

      1. What a great image!

        I will send you some posies 🙂

  6. oh you make me laugh bill jones jr!

    1. Yay! I knew I’d eventually be good for something.

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