Unfinished Bidness

So, I finished my collection of 9 short stories, and for the most part, I’m satisfied. For the most part, as you perfectionists know, is worlds away from “completely.” For one thing, one short story is really more of a timeline of events that transpire in the next 100 years. That “story” is a lead-in and precursor to my next novel, Hard as Roxx. While I like the idea of including it, I think it’s kind of a clunker as a concluding story.

Resultantly, I think I need to add another story to the collection. The bad news is that I am SICK of coming up with new story ideas for now. Anyone got any unused short story ideas you’d like to see put in print? I would be kind of a blast to write one “on commission.” I have a wonderful character idea, but no plot to go with her.

By the way, the shot below is the working cover art I’m coming up with. I’m trying to keep this collection as close to free as I can get. A good start was using my own photos. It’s been too bloody hot to go into the city and grab some better alley shots – but maybe soon. The eyes in the photo belong to my favorite model and ex-wife, Carla. She graciously consented to let me use her big gorgeous blue eyes.

Now all I have to do is align, and close on the background image, and I can be done with this trying to be a graphic artist b.s. No me gusta. I’m too annoyed to fix the fact that the overlays are uneven. I like the concept, but I’m not sure the execution is there yet.