I would like to introduce you to my mother and grandmother. The photograph is circa 1937, restored by me. My grandmother would have been 26 here. She died in 2005, at the age of 95. My mom is still here, still feisty, and still cute. 🙂 One day, I hope to be able to walk as fast as she does. I used to feel like a kite, walking with her as a little boy.

    I post this as an introduction, and to raise a subject. Some of the photos on this blog – and it should be obvious which ones – are taken from the internet. (I do not have any personal dragon photos, for example.) The vast majority, however, are taken by me, and copyright by me. I don’t make money on my photography, nor do I have the slightest inclination to do so. Thus, if you see photos you like – to download, print, or use – I’m fine with that. I would appreciate a heads-up and an attribution, however. (Not for any reason than it helps me to draw readers.)

    I do this blog for two reasons. One, it’s good practice writing extemporaneously, without a plan (or editing, heh.) Two, I write books and short stories, and want people to read them. My photographic “eye” comes from my visual cortex. It’s the same one that feeds the visual imagery of my writing. Thus, if you like my photographic eye, there’s a chance you will like the sensibility, the “voice” if you will, of my writing. In short, this blog is marketing. The other marketing I’ve done has been a waste of time. This place is me; it is my family room. Use it, but respect it, please.

    First day of college – age 18.


  1. Jana Denardo says:

    What a great picture of your mother and grandmother.

    1. Thanks, it’s one of my favorites. People hated that I colorized it, but my mother likes it, and I don’t care about what the rest think.

  2. amysomday says:

    Your beautiful Grandmother holds her smile back a bit like you do. Not quite a full smile for the camera. She is a beautiful woman and your Mama as a baby, i love it.
    Thank you, Bill, for sharing yourself with us through your photos and your stories. My world is a better one with you in it. So many people have so much to share if they could just find the right means to do so, and be brave enough.

    1. Thanks, Amy. My grandmother hated getting her photo taken, as do I. I’m not sure I’m being brave by sharing information. I just don’t care what people think. At all.

  3. ceciliag says:

    I LOVE that shot of you at 18.. love it.. biting your lip like that .. Your mother was the most beautiful baby.. look at those eyes.. c

    1. Thanks. Celi. I love the shot of my mother. My daughter looked a little like her as a baby. Then she began looking like her own mother. I’ve heard babies look like their fathers during the first year – probably to increase the parental bond. My daughter did. She had dark, silky, curly hair until she was two. Then it turned reddish-brown, like her mom.

      For some reason, every time I opened FB on my phone today, I saw a photo of you at 22. I loved that one.

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