A Summer Ride

There was repair work on the tracks, so we were commuted by bus through the city. A lovely Muslim lady enjoys the view.
Friendship Heights metro station. This was my first time in this particular station; another opportunity for endorphins.
Post Office Pavilion – according to reports, Donald Trump will be converting this into a hotel. Sheesh.
Pigeons have no sense of history
Ladybugs do, however. Especially this one, immortalized on the purple coneflower (Echinacea Purpura)
Stopped to see the AIDS quilt on the National Mall.
The sun appeared, for the first time this weekend, to mild, but steamy air.
Flowers, like women, do not wilt with age. They simply change to a different beautiful form. (Purple coneflowers)
Seahorse fantasies were the order of the day.
A dear friend told me to “Go photograph flowers.” And so I did, carrying her with me. (She is not the ladybug, however.)
A flowered embrace. More tomorrow.


  1. amysomday says:

    If it were forbidden for me to lift my eyes
    When we meet, how would I know you, I wonder?
    Your face is handsome, your dimples gorgeous.
    That face is like a signature I recognize as you.
    I imagine your voice as you describe,
    Yet still my curious mind still does ponder.
    Then I see your photos, breathing a sigh of relief
    The corners of my mouth turn upward
    To smile then quietly titter as i recall…
    Clearly., in photo #1, there it is, you have…
    You have …those Shoes!!

  2. Thank you Amy. I’m fairly certain this is only the 2nd poem anyone has ever written for me, and the first one was commissioned. You’re also probably one of four people who think I’m handsome, but I’ll take it. 🙂

    Those shoes are my “The Stream” specials, which I customized from Chuck Taylor to celebrate my book’s release. I have a pair for each book. Heh.

  3. Wow, Nobody’s ever written me a love poem online! I’ll have to check out those shoes, clearly!

  4. Yep, it’s the shoes entirely. 🙂

  5. amysomday says:

    So… have you ordered a new pair of shoes… They better be be awesome…being you are going to release Emprise soon.
    I was thinking…bells and whistles but that is way too clown like…I do not like clowns at all!

  6. No, I frankly don’t expect much from Emprise. I’ll just release it, but no celebration. I’m hoping to release the other 2 books within the new few months.

  7. amysomday says:

    Well, I am looking forward to all three.
    By the way, I was at DSW looking at clearance stuff, did you know that they have Chuck Taylor flip flops? black… i smiled, big time 🙂

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