Edit, Schmedit

It looks like things are progressing out of sequence. However, I am a firm believer that if you allow events to happen organically, they occur when they need to. We often get frustrated because when we need to has little to do with when we want them to.

Final edits on Emprise are progressing, thanks to my beta reader. Actually, I had three, but conflicts (having nothing to do with books) eliminated two of them. Still, the one bit of feedback I received from one was echoed by my current reader – namely, that they missed a character I purposely wrote out BECAUSE I HATE HER. So, I’m trying to decide how/if to re-inject her. However, they asked for it – now, I might have to kill the bitch off.

From Emprise – The Heaven Plane


Readers have Roxx, and I expect comments to trickle in soon. That’s fine with me, as I’ve moved Emprise up in the queue. My instinct is that Roxx is taking longer because there is something else that needs to be done. I think I’ve decided to push through Emprise and Juice and Other Stories first. I will add one more short story for Juice, figure out how I’m going to determine which stories make the final cut, and then try to pay someone to proofread them. Juice will be priced as an ebook only for $0.99. Short stories are easier to write, and they’ve been fun. Seems a shame to charge more for having a good time. 

Emprise will likely go for $3.99 or $4.99. I expect it to come it at 160,000 words. I am pulling out a few short chapters (one sub-plot) and turning in into its own short story. I think it will be more fun that way. Then, I will add a chapter killing involving my main character’s hated sibling.

So much for plans.


  1. My critique partners insisted I add a character to bring the circus aspect and the magical aspect together for my MC- no one big- but seriously they almost never ask me to add anything.

  2. Yeah, I think I’ve decided to leave her out of the book. I’ve done everything with the character that I think is worth doing. The fact is, some people have families that aren’t as important to them as friends. I wanted people like that to resonate with the books – the idea that family comprises the people whom love you, not the people whom share your DNA.

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