Unleashing Myself

In theory, a writing blog is supposed to draw people to one’s writing, perhaps even to advance sales. I can’t say that’s happened.

I think the real problem is no one would ever get a sense of what any of my books or short stories are like by reading my blog. Until now, I have been trying to have a “professional” writing blog. I write; I write about writing; and I even write about writing about writing. It’s all very cozy and serious and meta. The problem is I’m not serious. In fact, although I can be fiercely intense in real life, most people who meet me think I’m pretty funny.

My books have action, adventure, and creativity, but they have more than a little silly. The short stories reflect my personality even more – I don’t script them in advance, nor do I outline them. They just come out as written up there in my subconscious somewhere. You don’t have to read between the lines to find the cynicism, I’m afraid.

So, because this “professional” blogging bullshit has bored me once again, do not be surprised to see the tone change somewhat. This is the window from which you should get a glimpse of my little warped view of the world. If you look in, and like what you see, consider reading some of my stuff. I’m sick of asking folks.

In any case, I’ll be writing about stuff that isn’t just writing. One day, I’ll be a grandfather (I think). It would be cool if my descendants could read this and get a bit of insight into who I am. So stay tuned, if you’re interested.