I’ve reset my photography blog. It was too random and too convoluted. Instead, I am returning to my roots – street photography. I’ll certainly still be taking other shots, but I need to get back to my heart, or I’ll never start loving photography again. This year, I have but one resolution; in fact, I made it my password for the month of December. It is “find your heart.”
This is a small, unimportant step, but it is a step. I take another this week, when I lunch with a friend I’ve not seen in years. While I find my heart, or more accurately, grow a new one, I hope you’ll share the journey with me. Initially, I am posting old shots, but I will be adding new stuff as the year unfolds.

Here is my initial post.

Today on Earth, Art

People are fascinating. One need not be a “people person” to find the comings and goings of the human animal to be worth noting. This is a simple blog, one dedicated to the ordinary people I’ve encountered, with the goal of making each of them a star for one day. My goal is to post 1 or 2 per day; some will be new, some old shots.


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