My Church Has Bugs

My church is nature. On Sundays, you will find me in communion with God, here, amidst his works. Now some would say that means I am spiritual, but not religious. They would be wrong. Although I believe  in houses of God, I prefer the house God built. With the earth my church, I am forced to treat her as a sacred temple. I don’t throw trash in my church, and although I may swat the occasional vermin, I nurture those God chose to house in his temple.

The earth is my temple
I shall not want
it maketh me to stand straight and notice
to stop to hear the call of the cardinal
Yeah, though I walk through the shadow of the sewers of filth,
I will heed no people
for thou are with me.


Now I realize that as prayers go, that one sounds a bit misanthropic. In truth, it has little to do with people. Instead, it’s a reminder to trust. I walk in the sun, close my eyes, and try to forget all the things I’ve been taught are impossible. In letting go of what I’ve accepted, hopefully I can take possession of what I’ve been promised.

My church has bugs, but it’s bigger than yours. The roof leaks too.


  1. Mary Quallo says:

    I like the way you write. But I’ve already told you that. I like your church too. Bet there are no Sunday only folks at your church. Keep writing, Bill. I’m still reading. Mary

    1. What’s funny is that people seem friendlier on Sundays, as if it really were church.

      Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Sue Lobo says:


  3. Eagle Tech says:

    I like your church. It’s a lot like mine. I make sure to worship and give thanks every day.

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