eff i got to choose


eff i got to choose
whatever talent i’d get
i’d trade mine in for a dose
of mos def
’cause i mosdefinitely
be tryna flow
but get lost
halfway to Brooklyn

<y’all don’t hear me>

an’ you know  brotha jay to the zee
flew still flows (at least, all over
bey) even he say
“If skills sold, truth be told
I’d probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli.”

well, i don’t know ’bout that
(i never prayed that good)

eff i got to choose
whatever river i be
wouldn’t be no niggyouknows
on my rivva bank
you would know i flowed
when the boatman said
“y’all niggyouknows get the hell off
his rivva”

’cause you couldn’ flow
without a ticket

that is, eff
i got to choose
whatever talent i got
but i mosdefinitely
don’t ’cause god
don’t like a copycat

and … and. … when i prayed
real close, like
i think i heard my Father say
“either stand tall / or sit the fuck down”
(see, he be whispering to Mos)
so i guess i don’t get to pick
my sick
but it’s all good
’cause one day, some poor
kid gonna wanna trade his in
for a small dose of me

<y’all don’t hear me>