Spring Poem, by Charlie Patterson

A Poem
Charles Robert Spencer Patterson

Pretty flower blooming bright,
lovely petals soft and light,
fragrant flowers in the grass,
you can shove them, after class.*

Cheerful chirping fills the air,
large birds singing everywhere.
Songs at night that last for hours,
you can stick them with the flowers.

Trees that blossom overnight
really are a lovely sight.
Nesting birds look peaceful there,
dropping poo balls in your hair.

These are things, I have no doubt,
which other poets wrote about.
So pardon my obscene rebuke,
but springtime poems make me puke.

*”after class” was not in Charlie’s original draft

In all fairness, Charlie had a particularly bad night before writing this poem. Even a night’s dreaming of dragons didn’t help. He is usually nowhere nearly so cynical. Still, in honor of the upcoming Spring, I thought it a good time to post his only work of poetry, found in Awakening.