Sweet in the Mo’ning

Sweet in the mo’ning, for you, I rise
You taste forever, and fills my eyes
I hear you blue, I touch your smell
You kiss me heaven, you loves me hell

You gives, I takes
You moans, I aches
We screams and whispers
We bends and breaks

I arch my back; you bend, beneath
and to me baby your soul bequeath
You give. You’re soft. I’m hard, but real
You wants the truth, so here’s the deal

No quits, no walks, no rooms for let
No hits, no balks, so don’t forget
You takes my shadow, I’ll gives you light
Your name I whispers, just spend the night

I’m here, committed, to be with you.
So come and get it. That’s all you do.


  1. Mary Quallo says:

    Okay, it’s time for a COLD shower for me! Great poem Bill. Keep writing Bill, I’m still reading. Mary

    1. Thanks sweetie. 🙂

  2. Eagle Tech says:

    That’s good stuff. I think I’ll read this to my wife before we go to bed. Thanks for the assist, dude.

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