there lived a boy

Billy '66 3

One summer’s day
there lived a boy
who went unloved,
bereft of joy

Perhaps, he was
(just as they said)
a bit too young
too hard of head

A bit too grown
to be just four
a smidge too sad
too prone to war

A taste too much
like dear old dad
a bit too strong
of will that lad

And so he hid
behind his mask
he would not tell
they did not ask

His unique gifts
no one could reach
too wild to learn
too odd to teach

And then one day
as years struck four
he realized he
could take no more

Not like his dad
(a bit too … him)
and way too smart
to be like them

And far too young
at only four
to live to die
and nothing more

A bit too brash
a touch too deep
a shepherd boy
can’t be a sheep


  1. Nor can he be a lemming. I for one, am glad. Keep writing Bill, I’m still reading.

  2. Hanno Phenn says:

    You really touched my heart .I will carry this with me the hole Day .very impressive. thank you man wonderful.

    1. Thank you very much.

  3. lovely poem! poor boy!

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