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I will finish my edits of Hard as Roxx tomorrow, after spending a week integrating editor’s and beta readers’ comments. I still like the book, though I wonder if it starts quickly enough for some. As is true in most of my stories, there are a number of plot points, and seemingly small details become significant as the book progresses. In any case, Roxx is a badass, and one of my favorite characters.

I’m still looking for a couple of dedicated readers, as though I’ve received comments and positive feedback, I’ve yet to have anyone read through the book. I’m no longer looking for proofreading and the like. Instead, I’m looking for readers’ perspectives: Are there plot holes? Does the story drag in spots? Is it interesting? Even though Sci Fi, is it believable?

My writing style, due to my establishing characters up front instead of just torturing two-dimensional shells, I believe loses some less patient readers. (From my 1st 2 books, I’ve sometimes gotten reviews like, “Boy, am I glad I stuck with the story.) I believe books should build continuously, and the end should be better than the start.

In this book, I’ve been told that I’ve created a world that, though 125 years in an vastly changed future, is just west of normal. One beta reader likened it to Steampunk, meaning she could see a world that existed in these rules. Another suggested I tone down a child’s smart mouth. Those are the kinds of things that are invaluable to a writer.

Right now, I am undecided about publication. I had a small publishing imprint interested in publishing my book, but I’ve since realized they have no more idea how to sell than I do, so I’ve pulled it back. I can either self-publish it, suffer the debasement of trying (choke, spit) traditional publishing (not bloody likely), or just leave it on my shelf of unpublished work.

If you are 1) interested in reading the book, 2) have time to read it in a reasonable time period, and 3) are committed to either finishing it or telling me its too boring to finish, I’d be very grateful to have you read it. I provide the work in pdf, Kindle, or ePub form.

Oh, and reward? Kindess is its own reward, dude.

* Potential readers should know there is adult language (cussing), violence, and non-explicit sexuality. Fans of science fiction, badass women, motorcycles, feminism, rapists getting the shit kicked out of them, moms, female leads, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, genetics, robots, and future technology are especially welcome. Inquire within.


  1. your story sounds great!!! if I met your second qualification, I would be all over this beta reader opportunity 😦 sadly my life is a crazy mess right now and with looking for a job and moving it’s not going to settle down soon.

    Best of luck find readers!

    1. Thanks, Victoria. Good luck with the job search and the move.

  2. Bill, am I still on your list for readers? Keep writing Bill, I’m still reading.

    1. Mary, absolutely, if you’re still interested. I’d be honored.

    2. Beta version sent! Thanks!

  3. PICK ME!!! please let me have this opportunity! However, I am a harsh critic. But the plot line has piqued my interest! Half way through your blog post I thought “I want to read this, where do I get it? Barnes and Noble or something more Indie?” Only to find you haven’t published yet! I have time and intention. I would love to read this and be honored if you let me.

    1. Harsh critic huh? Sheesh. Well, I suppose we all need some of those. I’d love the input. I’ll probably only hate you for a little while after you tear my heart to shreds. 🙂

      1. I’m just saying in full disclosure! I only put that hat on though when someone asks me to dissect their piece…otherwise, if i did that all the time i would never enjoy any literature. SO. it depends on the intention I put my mind to as I open the first page

        1. Sweetie, do you. If I only get warm fuzzies, I’ll never get any better. Part of my issue is I’ve never gotten a bad review, so I don’t know what to fix.

          1. well, if you want me to put the hat on.

            I want to read it either way, Jones.

    2. Beta version sent! Thanks!

  4. Hanno Phenn says:

    I would love to read it I could read it in a couple of days latest in a week.I read quite fast and I would give you my honest opinion as always .you have my email address and if you like you can email me your book as a ePub .I will read it than on my iPad.

    1. Wonderful! Thank you.

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Hey what are Artist friends are for. I told you before what I liked and what I was not so sure about. I will read it with my critics Hat on .

    2. Beta version sent! Thanks!

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Beta Version received .I start reading.

  5. Send me a copy and I will try to get through it as quickly as possible and be as helpful as possible 😉 Up for a tit for tat? I take .doc, .mobi, .docx and .pdf formats.

    1. Jason,

      Thank you. I can read all of those same formats for your work.

    2. Beta version sent! Thanks!

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