Once Upon a Weed

Once, God did whisper to a weed
hidden from the sun,
that it was more than brush and seed
and when His talk was done,
the weed did flower, small and bright
for He knew poets need them.
Still, flowers born from those who write
are weeds when others read them.

So, I will take my camera out,
and search among the people
for bits to see and words to shout
sans pulpit, and no steeple
for God did place this in my heart
to serve as an example
that flowers born from those who pray
still bloom when critics trample.


  1. amysomday says:

    Beautiful Bill!

  2. cecilia says:

    After having all day wrestling with weeds , pulling out grass on one side and carefully sowing it on another, this lovely lilting song of a poem is perfect! .. c

      1. cecilia says:

        life is funny.. c

        1. hmm, i thought it more a shakespearean tragedy. at the end, the other guy gets the gal, and our hero dies tragically alone, on a tempestuous island.

          1. cecilia says:

            I love that word tempest, so much more romantic than … storm.. a tempest can sweep you up off the shore and woosh you about – landing you just about anywhere..c

            1. and when you crash upon the rocks, at least the memories are so much more passionate.

            2. cecilia says:

              oh yes, I have crashed on a few rocks in my time (literally, swimming too close as a kid) and the sea is amazing for cleansing the bloody gashes and grazes.. It hurts, makes you cry out and feels fantastic all at once. oh dear, that may not have been a very PC thing to say!!

            3. I’ve never been accused of being PC.

            4. cecilia says:

              Thank God, me neither! c

  3. My Tropical Home says:

    That was beautiful.

  4. Ishaiya says:

    Once, God did whisper to a weed
    hidden from the sun….

    You had me at those first two lines, beautiful…

    1. Thank you so much. That one’s my favorite.

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