What’s Past Is Prologue

In the Good Ol’ Days fathers mostly weren’t. Kids were brightly colored dolls you made for your wife and boisterous noisemakers designed to help you recapture your own youthful dreams.

Now, society has entered its adolescence. Little girls are sweet-smelling angels sent by God to melt a rigid heart, occasionally while wearing dancer’s tutus with untied combat boots. Children are the darlings meant to teach men to love earnestly, passionately, tenderly … tangibly. Love is no longer something you possess; no longer a noun, but a verb and an obligation.

No more are little girls things for a mommy. No longer are fathers things to fear. We are papitos, and daddies, and poppas, and dads. We watch our babies grow into women, our buddies into men. Their dreams are theirs, and we wish them with all our mights.

And that day, an autumn day, when they leave, we sigh, we remember, we smile… and never shall we love as much, or be so much.

Fathers we were, but daddies we’ve become.


  1. sirensway says:


  2. Allyson Mellone says:

    …what a beautifully created signature of being…the human prologue of “daddy-hood.”

    1. I think people don’t realize how recent a phenomena it is. Even when I was in high school, it was RARE to see a father alone in the mall with his kids. Now, it’s expected.

      1. Allyson Mellone says:

        Yes, I agree.

  3. Carissa says:

    I remember hearing men say they had to “babysit” their kids while the wife did something out of the home. You don’t hear dads say that any more (or very rarely). A nice turn.

    1. I agree. I think I was one of the 1st generation who got angry at being called a babysitter.

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