I Picked You Some Flowers

i picked you some love
that God sprinkled on my path
because I know life’s been tough
and she’s a bitch, though
you’d never say the word aloud

i wrapped them in tissue paper
and held them to my chest
but it stained the flowers pink
’cause my heart’s been leaking
since you left

so i picked you flowers
that God left my way
and they like to sing
when the winds blow eastward
and i keep hoping you’ll
follow their songs
back home
’cause even turtles need love

maybe you can use the
gps on your phone.
i’ll wait, ’cause i put
the flowers in a vase
by the bed.

and don’t worry about
being bigger ’cause
my heart’s grown and
i can just love you
more, so it’ll still


  1. amysomday says:

    Beautiful Mr. Jones

  2. My Tropical Home says:

    Echoing the first comment – that was beautiful. – Mary

  3. amberafrica says:


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