broken mirrors

the sky is inside out
rain falls against my jagged scalp
and feels like blood from a fatted calf,
sacrifice gone awry

she has broken
into a million shards of rose-colored glass
and i stand, stone in hand,
straining my quivering memory
for a hint that i threw the stone

i remember the angry words
evil i lustfully allowed access
and she cracked,
her mirror seeing her distortion,
a misreflection i taught her to fix
long ago

she defines herself
in the very terms that destroy
embracing through avoidance
loving without love
she is misdirection, chimera,
and I turned, wrongly, to the sky,
opened mouth to taste the rain
and drank in poisoned blood

she has cut herself on her broken pieces,
wields them like a million swords, she
is pain, and fury, and guilt, and heartache,
a perfect razor’s edge of shards
she, always perfect, now
the perfect insanity show

lies to protect her lamb
yet slaughters it herself, though the pursuers
have lost the taste for hunting
she turns, cuts, and drinks
her offspring’s blood
which has also soured into venom


i accuse, and tear and rend, and wail and weep and still
notice her

for seeing my own

she has rent me asunder
and i believe the lies
of being unloved
i tongue satan’s whispered
kiss-stained lies and fornicate with darkness

we have sinned against you my Lord
and in turning from the path,
rainbows are merely bloodstains
in the heavens

she is lost, her pieces
shattered, while i
hold her rock, the one
rock i always promised
i would be
and i cast myself at her fragile

and we have both shattered
torn from heaven
and cast directly into hell,
we two, together
we burn in eternal damnation,
as one
as soulmates must ever be

shattered shards
of shell-shocked shit
we have become
and I cannot fix her
broken glasswork

for i am the rock
she threw at herself


  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    I can imagine the feeling and the violence .I have been there in this very dark place of violence to the soul it has nearly killed me.

    1. Sometimes, the violence is one person trying to destroy themselves.

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Yes, I agree.In my case it wasn’t myself ,it was my Girlfriend at the time she dumped me and It broke my heart.

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