What If?

What if
God were a singer
at an punk rock concert
with 10,000 screaming fans
with signs
“Chris is God?”

and he was.

What if
He were a small child
just learning
how to be
and getting it wrong mostly —
just a kid with an
one day his best drawing
would make his daddy

and it did.

What if
She were a broken woman
full of love and heartache
struggling to keep Her head
above water
and the world suffered
with Her
and storms were no more
than tears
meant to draw your attention?

would you buy an umbrella
or learn to dance
in the rain?

What if
God were an odd boy
who never made eye contact
and rocked back and forth when
stressed or excited but
secretly hoped you’d learn
how to communicate
in his language
rather than
venting that He doesn’t speak

would you label him
or love him?

what if?


  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    My reply is to this.What if we don’t care because we are so busy with our self.In French I would say.” Mais Oui mais Non.” (Maybe Yes maybe No.)

    1. Endless possibilities exist.

      1. Hanno Phenn says:

        Exactly my point.

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