The Pseudo Me

I’ve decided that I will not publish my detective stories under my real name. I will probably continue to write and publish short stories under my name, but not longer books. Simply put, I don’t believe the real me is marketable. The industry norm is a white female in her 30s. I am not, and not, and decidedly not (though not in that order). Perhaps I’m wrong and that doesn’t matter.


Either way, assuming people jump from my current books to my detective novels (which are much more fun and easier to write), I’m concerned they will make assumptions as to what the books will be. They will not be fantasy, sci fi, or paranormal. In fact, they will be rooted in reality, which I prefer to write anyway.

I’ve found some random pen name generators and I’m having fun. The ones I didn’t hate are below.

Micky Borek

Dominik Mccullough

Rex Adamson

Ricardo Holter

Maybe Mickey Dominick. Hmm. Well, I’ll never tell (except to people who want to buy the books.) Too bad Dashiell Hammett is taken. 🙂 A detective writer’s name should sound like a detective.


Middle names are good (like Dashiell’s above, his first name was Samuel) but mine is Edward. I’d have to change the name of my main character, and I like Eddie as a detective name. It’s halfway between hard-nosed and approachable, like my character. It says, “I can be a badass, but I’d much rather be kissing somebody.” Eddie is like me. 🙂

Hmm, “The Brooklyn Trace,” an Eddie Daley Mystery, by  Mickey Dominick … er, Rex Holter.

This is gonna take some thought.


  1. araneus1 says:

    I’m considering changing mine to Thierry.

  2. nikewrites says:

    I like the name Dashiell…you could go with Dashiell Edwards…maybe…just a thought!

    1. I love that name. I just don’t think I’ve earned the name Dashiell yet. 🙂

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