new rain

I was thinking about some of the first poems I got published. The year was 1986, and I’d been writing poems for a while, but had never submitted any. In fact, I’d never even let anyone read any of my poems. Imagine my surprise when New Rain Volume VI, by Blind Beggar Press, selected 5. Here are the 2 I still like. My stuff was Afrocentric then. It was also cyncial and bitter. I like very little of the work from that period. Perhaps that reflects how I feel about who I was then. Dark and bitter, just like my coffee. Now, I take it sweet and light, with nutmeg, if there is any.




the smooth cowhide
stirring both the air
and something long-suppressed
within me

sweet tooth

pondering the purchase
of a poisoned candy bar

whether to choose
almond filled, coconut covered,
or deep, dark chocolate.

sometimes you feel like a nut…

and sometimes, you feel like

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  1. Hanno Phenn says:

    I like both poems. And I am glad you have become the person that you are now. I am gladly call my friend.

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