The Juice, Revealed

For those of you who think I only write Science Fiction or Fantasy (mostly my “friends”) I thought I’d briefly lay out the short stories in my anthology, The Juice and Other Stories. While some of my work can be classified as Sci-Fi, relatively few of my works can be classified as “hard” Sci-Fi. Most are rooted in reality, albeit sometimes alternate realities. In fact, one can go so far as to say almost all of my stories are love stories in some way.

With that said, here are the stories in The Juice. The last 2 stories are only available as bonus stories, in the paperback version of the book.

  • “Remembering” – Genres: Science Fiction, Historical Satire – Beings from another world find themselves herded along their own trail of tears. Their leader, Tofray, has the unenviable job of remembering their stories and their suffering.
  • “Mrs. What’s-Her-Name” – Genres: Contemporary Drama, Humor – Story details a woman’s struggle to regain her memory and her life, after a devastating brain injury.
  • “The Juice” – Genres: Contemporary Drama – A woman of the street searches for her next client, and promises him surprises. (Look for the “twist.”)
  • “The Clown Man” – Genres: Contemporary Fantasy – A visitor repeatedly invades a beautiful child’s dreams and turns them to nightmares; however, Cruz, a dream walker, is there, and he means to keep the girl safe.
  • “Manhattan Transference” (novelette) – Genres: Science Fiction, Romance – Luce, a vaporous visitor from a dying planet, must find the only robotics expert who can help save the alien race from destruction. Luce’s sun will go supernova soon, and without Dr. Roman’s help, all of Luce’s people will die with it. There is only one problem: Luce’s new human form, and the raw emotions that come with it. (Ultimately, this is just a “fish out of water” story, with a twist.)
  • “Fool O’clock” – Genre: Satire, Humor – A stressful day in the life of Jim Pyle, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Fool Abatement, a government agency tasked with keeping the U.S. safe from fools of all sorts.
  • “Days of the Never Was” (novelette) – Genres: Science Fiction, Romance – Three pairs of arguing friends disappear into a strange fog bank and reemerge with their entire worlds turned upside down. Just when you think you know who you are … (Here, the Sci-Fi is limited to the unexplained fog bank. Hint: if you like personality swap stories, you’ll love my take on it.)
  • “Crazy Magnet” – Genres Contemporary Drama, Mystery – This is an introductory story about a private investigator with a gift for attracting crazy people, and his meeting with Jeanne Dark, his future partner. Think of Watson meeting Holmes.
  • “He Ain’t Heavy” – Genres – Suspense, Horror – Twin middle school brothers struggle to fit it.
  • “From the Black, the Blues – Genres: Science Fiction, Romance – Lovers from two space-time periods attempt to cross the vast distances that separate them.
  • “The Utopian / Dystopian Compass” – Genres: Science Fiction, Satire – A scientist reveals the slow devolution of society onto the verge of an apocalypse.
  • “Reggie and Rocky vs. Space Monsters from Beneath the Bed” – Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Humor – Three 3 and 5-year-old dream walkers take their first adventure together in the Stream, the world of dreams. The nightmares don’t stand a chance once Reggie gets her dander up.
  • “Set Fire to the Rain’ – Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, YA Fantasy – This is an excerpt from Emprise, where the leads Robin and Charlie encounter a malevolent force in an Albuquerque diner. Will Charlie emerge as the hero Robin, and the world, needs him to be?

Bonus Stories (Paperback only)

  • “She” — Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fantasy – A woman finds herself pursued by a group of men. But is she the victim or the bait?
  • “Visiting Day” — Genre: Contemporary Drama  – An elderly man relives his past — perhaps too vividly.

Note: Some stories contain adult language and situations.



  1. ericaatje says:

    As I see this now, I have three more stories to go!

    1. Okay! There are two others in the paperback, but I ran those on my blog before.

      1. ericaatje says:

        Whoops! Hahaha!!! Well, now I’m a bit too busy to read… I’m going to my exhibition now. Talk to you later, Bill!

  2. rcprice says:

    I have the book and just finished “From The Black, The Blues.” Great story and stories so far. I see other stories you’ve listed that I haven’t read yet so I’m trying not to look at them.

    1. Thanks for reading it! Hopefully I haven’t included any spoilers in the post. 🙂

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