acapulco sunset-001
So halcyon, my sweetest love
Slips the stolid ocean’s bed
Sunlit shimmers from above,
Jeweled dreams, not gently wed

Empty armed azure skies
Here my catechism lay
Near betraying sunlight’s lies
Of kisses at the end of day

Shut my eyes to setting sun
Open them to nascent stars
Not too shy to corral one
Just to take me where you are

Dare to hope, afraid to sleep
Wishes crumbled into dust
Stars for kissing, now to weep
Never should have learned to trust


    1. Thanks. It was happy when I drafted it, but I re-wrote the whole thing last night when I posted it. I guess it matches my mood.

      1. ericaatje says:

        I’m sorry to hear…
        Hope your mood gets better soon!

        1. Thanks, love. I’m resilient. 🙂

          1. ericaatje says:

            You bounce back soon! 😉

  1. Sorry you’re feeling that way, but I have an ongoing relationship with trust issues so I’m sympathetic to the sentiment.

    1. Ah, it seems that sometimes one’s relationship with trust issues is the most stable one we have.

      1. There’s truth in that. Since I ended the relationships that lacked trust and learned to repel the toxic relationships that sought me life has been more stable. Lonely, but stable. Can’t have everything, I guess. I’m focused on writing and other upcoming events anyway. “Alone” suits me just fine right now.

  2. EagleAye says:

    Beautiful but sad. This is rich in emotion.

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