Psst. Yeah you. C’mere. Wanna Read a detective-type story?

I’ve in no way decided to publish my latest book. Yet, I still want to write a detective novel with the character that’s been in my head for over a year – my female detective, Jeanne Dark. Before I start to write it, however, I do want to get a feel for whether I’ve gotten the feel and pacing of detective novels down.

I wrote The Brooklyn Chase (tentatively titled) in a few months this summer as practice. I’ve let no one read it, and it’s not even close to being edited. It may never be edited. In fact, all I really want to know is: 1) is the book fun and interesting? 2) did I create a unique, believable detective, and 3) was the mystery too obvious or too boring?

I’m no Raymond Chandler and I won’t publish this series under my own name, but I could use feedback. If any of you likes mysteries (not police procedurals, this is NOT one of those) and feels like giving me some feedback, let me know.

I’m not looking for editing or even critique. I’m just trying to determine whether I need to do a lot more learning before I start writing the real detective novel. Let me know.

T’ank youse. (No, my characters don’t actually talk like that.)


  1. ericaatje says:

    I don’t think my English is good enough to determine your writing in this… Although I love your writings… But you already knew that much.. 😉

    1. I just love you to pieces.

      1. ericaatje says:

        Blush blush!!! 😉

  2. Bethanie says:

    I think you would do well.

  3. So, is this a present day story or sic-fi?

    1. This is a present-day story – no sci-fi or fantasy at all.

      1. I was just curious. It really doesn’t matter to me, but I was curious. I’d watch either the Maltese Falcon or Blade Runner over and over again, though. Still, though I love mystery, I’ve read few detective stories. I’d look at what you have if you don’t have more accomplished detective readers lined up.

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