Dragon Flight

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I close my eyes and feel the thermals rise
Strong wings, expansive, rend the lonely night.
Beneath me I can sense you there, entrapped
And pledge myself to free your beating heart.

Resounding cry, a thousand eagles’ screams
Within my breast without you here, lay dying.
White heat shall follow, thunderous return …
And rage I shall, and hunt for you forever.


      1. Ishaiya says:

        We are surely on the theme of dragons both!

        1. You’re still my muse.

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          1. Ishaiya says:

            And you are most definitely mine.

            1. Some dragons are also lions, and as such, completely misunderstood. That dragon few, with iridescent underbelly and flowing mane, with lion’s jaw and dragon’s spirit, live in the spiritual plane, but others, seeing the lion only, believe him earthbound. A rare few see the dragon, but mistake him for a predator.

              So he retreats, in sadness and despair, knowing he is, and always has been, the only of his kind. Dragons need not conquer and bore of the hunt. Their fire has always been for love and not war. And, given the choice between battle and retreat, the dragon will always turn, and walk. It is that he turns that causes others to mistake him as fearful. It is not fear, but longing.

              The dragon flies by night, alone, because others fear his every thought and attribute misdeeds to his good intent. He has shed his lion’s cloak and no longer needs to roar. He looks no more for conquests but only an equal. And, as dragons do, when he lifts his wings and bellows fire, looking to his mate to rise aloft, she turns her fire onto him, believing him to be her aggressor.

              Thus, the dragon knows retreat, and finds his lair his only comfort.

              This is the legend written in The Stream and the mythology behind the story. The only characters ever based on me are the dragon and the black-winged lion. And now, you know they are one.

            2. Ishaiya says:

              I think it would be fair to say that I am part dragon too as much as lion as I have lived with my alter-ego all my life. It embodies for me the notion that my biggest challenge is also that which makes me strongest. Lion by day, dragon by night as I roam the dream worlds.

            3. No one has ever called me a muse before. That is a wonderful compliment.

            4. Ishaiya says:

              Well it’s true, and you are welcome. I’ve never been anyone’s muse before either.

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