the enduring web of spaces

21 Jan 2011 - No 041
the enduring web of spaces
that creep, insidious spiders’ webs of distance —
a hair’s breadth, here and there
unseen, yet they bind us
in their wet embrace.

though the space between us is now no more
than a spider’s kiss, we see it clearly.
let us turn away to fight against the gossamer whispers
of our loved ones’ unspoken disapproval. they
bemoan our pessimistic fear as the web grows tangled
“half empty minds will bind a full heart.”
we hear them gossip against us, while
claiming the most surprise at our love’s demise,

only a strand of space between lovers
and now we are friends and
a gap too small to notice and
friendship struggles fruitlessly in our web
of silken steel and unkissed tears.
we turn away, and away, and
no one notices, least of all we two.

though the spider always wins his game
still we dare to play and dance
within his web. just an inch more space —
alone this day, silent the next
certain one last silken thread won’t matter.

surely we are too strong to fear
such small a matter as space.


  1. ericaatje says:

    Wow! I’ve had to read this one real slow. You use such great sentences!!!

    1. It was also very late when I wrote it. It might just be bad writing. 🙂

      1. ericaatje says:

        No, I don’t think it to be bad writing. Maybe it’s me being a slow reader… 😉

  2. Ishaiya says:

    I think your words capture your sentiment exactly. I feel as though I’m tangled in all those threads as I read, not realising that I’m as trapped as I am by my lack of movement, even though I don’t fight. You are a poet from the very depths of your soul, and say exactly what you mean in the words that you use.
    The spider’s web is no more a restriction that… well ….. a restrictive thing 😉 x

    1. Ishaiya says:

      *than… my fingers don’t seem to be typing so well today!

    2. Thanks so much for your feedback. This was one of those I didn’t like and filed in my massive “probably crap” folder. I re-wrote it last night, trying to capture the feeling. It’s so easy to become used to not moving that we forget there is a web at all. It’s also easy to forget how easily broken they can be.

      1. Ishaiya says:

        I agree. I’m glad you decided it probably wasn’t so crap after all. I bet you’ve got some real gems in that folder of yours.

        1. Actually, I never even decided. I just took a leap based on the confidence you’ve given me. 🙂

          1. Ishaiya says:

            That’s great to hear 🙂

            1. Muse and motivator. Every writer’s dream. 🙂

            2. Ishaiya says:

              As long as that always works for you, it will work for me too. The feeling is totally mutual of course 🙂

  3. cecilia says:

    good morning darling.. darling.. c

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