Rogue Personalities

If you see any of these personalities, please let Christina know.

Christina Anne Hawthorne

I have rogue personalities and they’re on the run.

No, not multiple personalities. Of course not. Well, not anymore.

I used to have a bunch, but at one point they moved away and I haven’t talked to them in years. Some even ventured out of the country, but, like I say, I haven’t had any contact with them so they could be anywhere. One could even be your neighbor!

Believe me, there’s a good reason I haven’t talked with any of them.

We had a falling out years ago when I found out they were talking about me behind my back. Since then they’ve given me the silent treatment.

It’s an eye opening experience when you find out that some personalities can’t be trusted. Well, in my case, I can’t trust any of them. It truly makes me sad, for I thought we had a solid bond. I don’t know…

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