just a poem

I thought I’d write a poem
one that spoke of my contentment
in our world built just for two
one containing no resentment
one that never even rhymed
but I couldn’t lie to you –
just a poem

I tried to pen a tale
with a tearful, happy ending
and some fairy dust to split
so emotionally rending
that I’m sure you’d wet your pants
but I couldn’t give a sh …
just a tale

I sang a griot’s song
one that lied about forever
and a love that wouldn’t flee
one that said you’d leave me never
(and that wouldn’t sound like hell)
but I couldn’t lie to me
just a song


    1. Thanks, C. I was just about to delete that post because I decided I hated the poem.

      1. cecilia says:

        I don’t hate it..your poetry is love.. c

  1. ericaatje says:

    And finally there was this poem! Love it.

      1. ericaatje says:

        You’re welcome, Bill! 😉

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