Torn from the Frame

Here’s an old break-up poem I wrote a while ago. It seems appropriate for posting now. Sometimes, you meet the right person, but the obstacles are impossible to overcome. Adiós, mi esposa. El miedo no es el mismo como sabotaje.

Torn from the Frame

You tore yourself from your frame, my dear
and in so doing, as my frame had become
conjoined with yours, I found myself
ripped from the comfortable frame I
had so carefully crafted for myself
And do not be fooled;
it was a painful, almost fatal
process – but one that I endured
and, in times of stress, as yesterdays
fight to become tomorrows,
I whisper to you of my pain; I am
no longer the man I was, not
the man whom once you loved, not
the mentor so many turned to for comfort

Nor am I yet the man I am meant to be
far too wounded to be at peace; yet
I now understand – I am not meant
for peace – nay, I am meant for torment
to be overcome by emotion, enslaved by
the very thing I have fought so long
to conquer;

I am my art, I am the pain that roils from me
and the words that fitfully fill the pages
that will never satisfy, will always be lacking
As I dance amidst the emotional winds that
tear me to and fro, I reach to you
that you may see me in the winds; no longer,
my dear, tormented by them, but sailing,
destination unknown, wherever they take me

I am no longer the man I was, taken from
my comfort by the collateral damage from
your own pain; not of your causing,
and I am blessed for my long year of torment
One can never be whom one need be
if one settles for whom one is, and I had
settled, to the bottom

So I float, no longer in control, to the top
and look upon your pained countenance, still
believing yourself a virus, the death of me;
though, my dear, you are merely the death
of my failings, and the cause of my rebirth
So not joyfully, but purposefully I sail, alone
above, waiting for you to look away from
the small telephone in which you entrap
my words, and see me, freed,
that you may join me on my ride

And so I divorce thee, woman,
that you may float freely; in hopes that
you look up, once, and smile,
that we may sail together along the
journey God had intended

Had ordinary been our destiny,
then a happy life together would not
have been such misery; no, my dear,
you were meant for better things,
and no bumps along the path can
stray you from the course
Look above, my love, and we shall
start anew, fresh, not as husband
and reluctant wife, nay,
but as a person and his soul
once more, forever

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  1. ericaatje says:

    Wow! Beautifully written!
    Through experiences we are becoming the person who we are now, changing along the way. Becoming stronger and whole.

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