Spam Spam Spam Spam & Spam

Yeah, piss off.

Just a bit of an alert and notice. The “new” way to spam people on WordDepress is for companies to create blogs and then randomly follow you so that you will reciprocate and view their daily spam adverts posts.

Um, not gonna happen (at least for me). The one sure giveaway is that these folks are auto following you, without “liking” anything or commenting. Just as a notice, if you follow one of my blogs and we’ve never interacted, in even an indirect way, expect me to ignore you.



  1. amberafrica says:

    And you do drawing too……man of many talents.
    Your image gave me a smile 🙂

    1. Thank you. I like to think of myself as a man of many mediocrities.

      1. amberafrica says:

        Indeed that is a better word.

  2. The pic is hilarious!

  3. Hetterbell says:

    I’ve had that on my blogs quite a bit, but either there’s a product in the title or they give themselves away a bit by making a comment that makes it obvious they have no idea what I’ve written. 😀

    1. I wish I could just block them and make them go away.

      1. nikewrites says:

        I’ve noticed this trend recently. WordPress really does need an easier way to block spammers. And I love your artwork! LOL!

        1. Haha! Thanks. I think the spammers are trying this because they finally realized we never see their spam comments.

      2. Hetterbell says:

        Me, too. I don’t know how to block anyone. Someone once wrote something nasty about fellow-commenters on one of my posts. I didn’t allow it to be seen by anyone else but I would have liked to have blocked that person.

        1. I had that happen once and I marked the comment spam. Never heard from them again. I think askimet blocked them thereafter.

          1. Hetterbell says:

            Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind if it happens again.

  4. Your drawing is great! 🙂 Those damn pencil neck spammers

  5. araneus1 says:

    I have a large number of these……… I’ll send you a couple if you need spares?

  6. Is there no end to your artistic talents? Now I shall have to discard all my stick people in utter frustration.

    1. As an artist, I suck big time.

  7. Rufus Girard says:

    Made me chuckle! Interacting to avoid exclusion!

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