re.volution: embracing the dragon within

A long post about the evolution of writing style. Probably for writers and friends only.

Raw, Naked Art

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I find myself in an uncomfortable transition period as a writer. Since 2009, when I started writing fiction in earnest, I’ve found that I have two distinct writing styles. There is my poetic style, which is in fact two styles in itself, and my prose style. While there were times I interspersed the two, for the most part, I kept them separate.

I’ve written poetry — some good, some bad — since I was 20 years old. I don’t think I was ever consistent because there were two voices within me and I never figured out how to integrate them. There is the emotional voice, the one people respond to, and the lucid, intellectual voice, the one that says whatever it is I wanted to say. In my early work, it was rare for me to close my eyes, so to speak, and just let out the emotions in a…

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