when i was born

when first I took a breath of you
dark skies presented angels’ tears
and thunder called the mountains home
the seas arose to wake the clouds
so gods would know their work

the day I kissed the heart of you
we touched the pain to make it heal
I loved the places no one saw
and felt your rainbow arch to me
till gods could hear your cries

the morn you gave your love to me
we cried the tears of twenty years
and moans called always, always, home
you stretched to meet my heart, sweet dear
where gods would write our names

the night I called you secret names
the oceans roiled to rejoice
while ravens sang as nightingales
and joined us, laughing, tearfully
while gods said welcome home


    1. This used to live in my “probably crap” folder. Some things, you can’t see until it’s time to see them.

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